I am currently accepting new clients in July.
Get in touch if you think your project is something I'd make an exception for.
I’m Sophie Harrington, I like working with interesting people to craft design, advertising and marketing solutions.
Maybe you need to build an ad campaign from the ground up or your in-house team needs an extra set of hands. You could be prepping for a big pitch or have a laundry list of projects that need tackling. I dive in at all stages of the marketing process (from brand strategy right through to concept, design and writing) to create interesting and effective work.
I earned my chops as a Creative Director at m5 and most recently as VP, Marketing & Strategy at biotech startup Sequence Bio (YCS19).  I run a Kermit the Frog travel blog, help out great organizations like Enactus, and won the Governor General's Medal for Volunteers, which my mother insisted I put in this bio.

Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Illustration, Messaging / Writing, Strategic Planning, Pitch Decks & RFPs, Creative Strategy and Production, Concept Development. 
Two important things about the work on this site. First, I don't own any of the ad work - it belongs to the great clients, m5 or Sequence Bio. Second, advertising is a team sport and I didn't do any of it alone, but I featured work I felt I played a meaningful role in and was meaningful to me.

This is a picture of me sitting on the floor.